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Ugarit letter, 1185 BC


Translation ─ There is famine in our house; we will all die of hunger. If you do not quickly arrive here, we ourselves will die of hunger. You will not see a living soul from your land.

Pendant with menorah, 4thC AD

Anthropomorphic vessel, 2000 BC - 1000 BC


Fly pendant, 1550 BC - 1200 BC

Head of the goddess Hathor, 1450 BC - 1070 BC

Fishes pendant, 3500 BC - 2900 BC

Ostrogoth spangenhelm helmet, 5thC AD - 7thC AD

Square relief of a foliate cross, 6thC AD

Ampulla with woman and child, man with a book, a goat and a bird, 4thC - 5thC AD

Model of nuragic ship, 9thC BC

Eye-shaped amulet, 1500 BC - 1200 BC

Horn fragment, 3thC BC

Weight, 4thC-5thC AD


Counterpoise weight in form of bust of Isis, 3rdC - 5thC AD

Wine-funnel, 1069 BC - 945 BC

Ptah pendant, 1550 BC - 1200 BC

Carriage fitting, 4thC AD

Bird shaped vessel, 1500 BC - 1000 BC

 Terracotta oil lamp, 1500 BC - 1250 BC


Medallion, 4thC - 5thC AD

Text&Podcast by Stella Succi

Curated by Altalena


Special thanks to Francesco De Bernardi